Weres (short for werewolf or were-beast) are magical creatures which traditionally change physical form involuntarily at regular intervals, particularly on the night of the full moon. This change traditionally brings with it instincts so strong they override any consideration of conscious will as well as an insatiable hunger for meat. Traditionally weres are cursed humans ("Were" or "wer" is a Germanic word meaning "man", literally "who"). Also according to tradition weres heal quickly and are weak to the element silver, which is supposed to be deadly if it enters the body. Recently, though, there have been a great many variations on the same idea.

In the Multiverse Edit

Multiverse weres are not the least bit limited to half-man, half-wolf. Neither are they necessarily bound to an involuntary schedule or controlled by instinct. The primacy of otters in this paradigm fully endorses the presence of kushtaka, for example. It also includes selkies and other non-traditional combinations such as the Nageel, Tiglath the were-dolphin (who is not part human), and even were-magimals.

In the Intense Universe Edit

Ironically, weres are one item which is not so different between the Intense Universe and the Multiverse. Only the mechanism which explains their existence is different, since Intense is a science fiction paradigm which excludes the fantasy element of magic. In The Last Otter Warrior series, for example, weres are mutants who have a special organ which produces the necessary hormone for such a physical transformation. Were-otters are not uncommon and other non-traditional forms such as the Beastknights may be found here.

Notable individuals Edit

Tiglath (Otter-dolphin)

Oren (Intense Version) (Otter-human)

Jill (Human-tigram)

Nachtwulf (Human-half wolf)

Dr. Seal (Human-seal)

King Skunk (Human-skunk)

Wierwolf (Human-half wolf)

M.D. (Human-wolfdog)

Father Hays (Human-rabbit) and team

Mary Bounder (Human-skunk)

John Saaman (Human-cat)

Wanderer (Human-wolf)