Tweeters are avian magimals native to Wunno. They are very popular pets and though they can be tempermental, are also fiercely loyal to their owners. Upon reaching adolescence, a tweeter transforms into a midrange, and then into a woofer.

Appearance Edit

Tweeters bear a strong resemblance to parakeets, with some features, such as the beak, similar to those of canaries. They are usually green in color, but can be orange, yellow or blue. There is a colored spot on each cheek, usually red. Large feathers on the chest form a shape not unlike a speaker. On the forehead, a tweeter sports a design reminiscent of a treble clef. The most noticeable difference from real-world birds is a pair of catlike ears lobes. Infant tweeters can be distinguished according to gender by their budding primary feathers. After that, the sexes become nearly indistinguishable until adulthood. The average tweeter is about four inches high.

Location Edit

In the wild, Tweeters are usually found nesting on Mount Highwing.

Abilities Edit

Tweters are sonic magimals, capable of using nearly any sound-related move, as well as those applying to birds. Their greatest attributes are speed and dexterity, though they are also highly intelligent and can rapidly learn to understand human speech. They are capable of carrying objects, and wearing headgear, footwear and collars.

Reproduction Edit

Tweeters hatch from eggs laid by woofers. As precocial birds, they hatch fully formed and able to fend for themselves. However, they will usually feed of their mothers' milk for about a week before hunting for their own food. At this point, the social bond between parent and offspring is broken, and the parents will usually migrate to lower areas.