Robot World is the name given to a world inhabited by intelligent automatons. It is an ally of Otter Island.

The history of this world is not known, except through its appearance in Otter Island, where we find that they have recently been at war with the hostile Astruchin. As the name suggests, this is a world inhabited by robots, though of course the term is used imprecisely to refer to androids and other self-aware, intelligent machines. The planet seems to have been overrun with artificial structures and machines to the extent that biological life forms are either rare or extinct. The self-aware machines are capable of reproducing and repairing themselves, yet their origin--who created them and why--has yet to be revealed.

There are also no stories which take place in this world to date, although the Otter Island radio show episode "Peals Of Thunder" begins there.

Characters Edit

Some characters known to have originated on Robot World are:

Tim the otter-android, and his parents

KTK 21, whose body was borrowed by Karimas of Ress

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