Pandora's Kitchen is a special feature which features a new recipe each month from one or more of Pandora's cooks. Pandora's Kitchen is a member of Crater Features.

Each recipe consists of two image files. On the left is an image of the food with the cook presenting it. On the right is a list of ingredients followed by directions. If the recipe is an adaptation of a similar recipe, the original contributor is credited at the bottom right.

Each pair of images is color coded. Entres appear on a yellow background, side dishes on orange, desserts on pink, sauces on green and beverages, (there are none yet) on blue.


Recipes posted as of January 1, 2009 include:


Pots' Enchillada Casserole

Hoots' Cabbage Rolls

Artic's Chili

Ashenfox' Fajita Burritos

The JAM's Peneques

Oren's Battered Fish

Artic's Meatloaf

Artic's Fried Chicken

Oren's Seafood Pizza

Side dishesEdit

Brother Chu's Egg Cheese

Floyb's Pancakes

Murr's Spaetzle Noodles

Daphne's Oatmeal Muffins

Oren's Soup Biscuits


Aroma's Wacky Cake

Sister Gertie's Brownies

Chef Gregory's Noel Bars

Brother Chu's Apple Dumplings


Murr's Barbecue Sauce

Peppermint Sundae topping

Orange poultry sauce

Eggnog shake / Cookie dip

(The sundae topping, poultry sauce and cookie dip are collectively known as the three kings)