Group: Moonbase

Creator: Oren Otter

Current Artist: Oren Otter

Style: Colored ink

Premise: The star of the Changing Workplace has changed his vocation. He is more spiritually-minded, but that doesn't make things any less weird.

Setting: Otter Crossing

Major CharactersEdit

Oren Otter: The main character. He first becomes a priest, and later the founder of an online church, the Christian Furry Fellowship.

Abbot Ignacious Babbit: The head of the monastery, Abbot Babbit became the victim of a curse which turned him into a baby rabbit, by cause of his own pride.

Other CharactersEdit

Brother Kadeusus: a snake who gained a lot of confidence thanks to Oren's insight

Sister Gertie: a well-meaning elderly nun whose famous brownies severely test the monks' sense of self-denial

Brother Chu: a converted Buddhist who does most of the cooking at the monastery

Brother Tory: the organist who is under a vow of silence and suffers from Tourette's syndrome

Brother Fuzz: a Nazirite who has been keeping his vow for decades, and whose face has not been seen for nearly as long

Pat: Oren's brother who was never properly born, but who has managed to offer advice along the way

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