A magimal is an imaginary animal of the "battling monster" type. There are over four hundred known species. Magimals come in all shapes and sizes and inhabit all corners of their world (and some even outside), but they have a few traits in common.

Common TraitsEdit

No matter where they live or by what means they exist, all magimals are living things. They are all capable of learning and perfecting skills as well as becoming physically stronger and tougher. Thanks to the technology of digitization, they all may be converted into energy and data and stored in a digitizer cube, though their will to resist capture usually must be worn down by fatigue. Once digitized, a magimal will become obedient and follow any command from the trainer that captured it. However, the magimal's personality remains intact and the most intelligent species especially may still do certain things by their own volition.


Like real-world organisms, magimals reproduce primarily by sexual mating but some species are asexual. A fairly large number of Magimal species are actually juveniles and cannot reproduce until they have evolved into their mature form, such as Tweeter. Some others belong to a family of variants based on an unstable species (such as Snuckle) which in turn is the offspring of any of the variants. There are only a few magimal species (to which the criterion "sex" applies, e.g., Vixune and Dogsune) which may only be one sex or the other. A handful of magimal species can mate and produce hybrid offspring such as Zotaroo, which is half Zapparin and half Ottroo.


In the Magimals world, there is a common cultural emphasis on the capture, training, and breeding of magimals for the sake of personal enjoyment or aesthetics, as well as the practice of battling. Aside from being the preferred method of magimal hunting, battling is a serious sport which may be organized into amateur or professional leagues. Magimal trainers may invest large amounts of personal time into developing their magimals to become the best they can be. There are entire industries catering to the needs of magimals and their care and grooming.

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