The low abyss is a world just kata to the Realm of Chaos. It can be found in multiple realities, including the Intense Universe and the Multiverse.

Origin Edit

The Low abyss was probably created specifically to incarcerate beings far too dangerous to allow to run free. This includes the demon locust horde and a number of evil conceptuals.

Intense version Edit

In the Intense Universe, the further kata one goes, the more unstable the laws of physics become. The dimension known as "oppositions" is the furthest one can go without being completely destroyed as their particles break down. The abyss exists beyond this point, meaning that nothing is able to enter or leave the abyss unless a bridge is created. A loophole was discovered once, allowing several beings to escape by transforming themselves into something other than matter and energy during the Concept X Campaigns.

Multiverse version Edit

In the Multiverse, there are a few flaws in the laws of physics, necessitating just a little magic to allow physical reality to exist. As magic flows from the apos of the multiverse toward the zakos, the stream of magic is entirely depleted by the time it reaches the low abyss. Therefore no matter actually exists in the abyss unless it is brought in from the outside. The abyss is separated from the Realm of Chaos by a single manhole, the cover of which can only be moved by physical means.

Within this abyss, a horde of demon locust await release by their master, Abadon.

Also within this realm exists a two-dimensional craft which highly resembles the Mandelbrot Set. Its front antenna was stuck in the Bottom (Zakos) of the Multiverse until Steve, Wilma and their friends pulled it free. The ship, unbeknownst to its inhabitants, was watched over by an angelic spirit named "Ploogie" who resembles a bear. Ploogie's guardhouse, for some unknown reason, resembles a hot dog stand.

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