The Indie Block comprises the bulk of programming on OtterTunes. In it, the music of independent artists (and a few non-indies who have volunteered their music) are featured.

Origin Edit

The Indie Block was inspired by Aatheus Centauri, whose part-time station featured a number of independent artists, especially those hosted on the Furry Music Foundation. In the comics, Oren purchased the radio station form Aatheus. In real life, Oren opened OtterTunes shortly after Aatheus closed his station and took up the mission of showcasing independent artists.

The Indie Block began with Chama C. Fox and Tambako as its only artists. Shortly thereafter, Al Mackey was added to the lineup, bringing the total time up to five hours. Many more artists were added as time went on, and as of May first 2008, the Indie Block has grown to nearly two days long.

Traditions Edit

Every Indie Block begins with "Preminision" by Al Mackey and ends with "Afterthought", by the same. The final hour also contains an encore presentation of Max Goof's "We are Ferrets".

Other programming Edit

As of May 1 2008, The Indie Block included the show "Audio Prophecy", in which YouTube music guru Modern Oracle interviews some of the rising stars in independent music.


The Indie Block includes work by the following musicians as of May 1, 2008. Listed with each name is how they were found and their style of music. (Style is according to Oren. Opinions may differ.)

Zack Kim - Classical and jazz on two guitars - YouTube

Oxhorn - Celtic style comedy - YouTube

Dty2dty2 - Somewhat jazzy - YouTube

Babungus - Rock - YouTube

Jumpy - Ballad - Furry Music Foundation

Slipdigit - Rockish - Myspace

McClatty - Soft Rock - YouTube

Mathgrant - Chippo - Sheezy Art

Weebl - Comedy - Weebl's Stuff

Bludolf - New Age - YouTube

Cheetah - Rockish - Furry Music Foundation

The Air - Blues - YouTube

DJ Composer - Piano - YouTube

2 - Rockish - Furry Music Foundation

X Eddie Music X - Contemporary Jazz - YouTube

Modern Oracle - Guitar - YouTube

Mixman Stan (AKA Dejin or Jesse Roo) - Dance - Oren's personal friend

Corruption the Cow - Punk - MySpace

Pzychotropic - Guitar jam / Electronica - YouTube

Max Goof - Comedy - Riverside Players

J.M. Hart (AKA Nepenthe) - Techno - YouTube

Billy Brew - Rock - YouTube

Al Mackey - Techno - Furry Music Foundation

Floral Deception - Guitar - YouTube

Fairlight - Electronica - Furry Music Foundation

Bottles of Mary - Rock ballad - YouTube

Chris Commission - Rockish - YouTube

Roofus - Classical - Furry Music Foundation

Brad Scribner - Guitar - YouTube

Whitedice - Guitar - YouTube

Darkpaw - Dance - Furry Music Foundation

Freedomwings - Electronica - YouTube

Maajonic - Ballad - YouTube

Fjordwolf - Tribal - Furry Music Foundation

Brennan, Hugger, Swanson and Ingals - Electronica - YouTube

Geebz - Mellow - YouTube

Hali - Rock, comedy - Furry Music Foundation

Swansong - Techno - YouTube

Chama C. Fox - Medieval - Furry Music Foundation

Doghouse Dave - Guitar - YouTube

Moonchild - Electronica - Furry Music Foundation

Mystefox - Trance - Furry Music Foundation

Mellomel - Jazzy - YouTube

Nessus - Olde time - Furry Music Foundation

Mesmo - Trance - YouTube

Vegetable Orchestra - Experimental - YouTube

Apologetix - Christian Parody - Apologetix Website

Runtt - Rock - Furry Music Foundation

Sausabe - Classical - Sheezy Art

Tambako - Techno - Furry Music Foundation

Gary Kibler - Techno - YouTube

Timwi - Electronica - Furry Music Foundation

iBand - Jazz - YouTube

DJ Vix-N - Techno-tribal - Furry Music Foundation

Hugger and Holbrook - Jazzy - YouTube

Kiroo - Techno / Ambient - Furry Music Foundation

Impeto - Neo-Classical (edits only) - YouTube

Doctor Castille - Soft jazz - YouTube

DJ Out Cold - Hip-hop - YouTube

Ashen Fox - Ragtime - Personal friend of Oren

Sebal 100 - Dark jazz - YouTube

Oren Otter - Tribal - IS Oren

Jason Caldwell - Ecclectic - Personal friend of Oren

Halfshell Hero - Rock Parody - YouTube (Listener requested)

Deakster - Dance - YouTube

Woofy - Piano - OtterTunes 2

Slippereal - Street-poet - YouTube

7 Joyful Automatons - Jazzy - Technically, also Oren.

Joel Samuel - Guitar - YouTube

Newest additions Edit

The following artists were or will be added after May 1st.

Sayh - Techno-classical - Furry Music Foundation

Bob Piquette - Guitar - YouTube

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