Homonymia was formerly known as the Land of Horrible Puns. It is a high magic world where everything therein relates to some sort of pun.

Noteworthy charactersEdit

Madam Cheetah, a feline taur, is regarded as the leader of Homonymia.

Stampson, a cyclops with enormous feet, serves as the realm's champion and protector.

Doctor Seal, a selkie, a physician, and a good friend of the Fluffles.

Asudem, a vaguly snakelike creature with human heads for hair, whose gaze can turn stone to flesh.

Shin, a spider demon who was able to animate the bodies of insects with his own avatars, giving them personalities similar to today's top islamic terrorists. Shin was defeated by Fnaire Antbear and handed over to Lenny the Angel for imprisonment. It is not known whether incarceration was successful.

Noteworthy featuresEdit

Homonymia's Oberon's gate was permanently opened onto the Room For One More world by a botched spell cast by the mushroom wizard back in the time of Castle Horsetooth. In an attempt to cover his mistake, the wizard turned the gate invisible, but was unable to conceal the actual portal. He then hired a tribe of coyotes to bury the gate. The gate was unearthed by Crazy Uncle Ned Opossum during the construction of his mansion, and now opens into Frye's Mansion.

A second, apparently natural, portal connects to the same world in Antarctica.

A monument to Fnaire's defeat of Shin, a cross made from two steel girders, marks the place where Shin's warlord O-Sama Guilt Laden caused a patrol dragon to crash into a hotel tower.

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