Creators: Oren Otter

Current Author: Oren Otter

Group: Moonbase

Style: Pencil

Setting: Enchanted Grove

Premise: The day-to-day adventures of a tree spirit and a squirrel


Main charactersEdit

Bonzai, the tree spirit

Yaki, the squirrel

Secondary charactersEdit

The Chimera

Chuck, the vegetarian vampire

Gak, the kushtaka

Scarry, the tanuki

Snurk, the kitsune

Holly Harpie

Rev. Makepeace, the white buffalo

Korgi the stork

Minor charactersEdit

Twitchel, the fairy

Uncle Pear

Auntie Elm

Cousin Keeble


Scarry appears in Webcomic U.

External linksEdit

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