Bob the Box is a main character in Webcomic U., roommate to Anders Tamandua, Wilburforce, and Jim Fluffle. In his own words, Bob is a "minimalist representation of the archetypical cynic character depicted as a near-cubic polyhedron." For those not so fond of large words, he's "a grumpy box." He has a special comic appeal, being a character with nothing but a pair of eyes to express emotion.

Personality Edit

Bob is definitely a glass-half-full type with a snide comment for just about any occasion. The only exception so far was the first appearance of Wilburforce, whose self-contradictory character left Bob with no comment but a comparison to castor oil and chocolate. That is not to say he is intentionally mean, however. He simply knows his role and enjoys playing it. Deep down, he is capable of compassion, perhaps reminiscent of the Sesame Street muppet character Oscar the Grouch.

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