Amanda and her Plushie Friends

Group: Moonbase

Creator: Xan Folmer

Current artist: Oren Otter

Style: Pencil

Premise: Amanda Otter and her stuffed animal friends produce a webcomic together.

Setting: Studio

Major CharactersEdit

Amanda, the boss.

PJ, sidekick

Eckert, the token idiot

Neko, the every-cat

Tally, the quiet dragon

Woof Two-and-a-Half, a slightly sour poke-doll

Xan, technically not a plushie

Captain Muppet, who can mimic the powers of any Muppet

Sira, Amanda's best friend, also not a plushie

Plushie-Teen Dinner Squad, plush food items who can turn inside-out to become animals

External link Edit

Amanda and her Plushie Friends

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